Siren’s Song


The first time I saw her, I was all alone.

I’d stayed late to catch more fish.

My buddy, Billy’d, gone home when the beer ran out

But I hung around with a bottle of Johnny, a whole fifth.


And I wish I’d been stone sober

So you’d have more reason to believe me.

Cause no one thinks I done saw what I did.

They think the scotch made me see unclearly.


And I’m weary to tell y’all this odd little tale.

Ya might think I’m offa my rocker.

But you believe what you want, I’m going back tonight

To that spot of the first time I saw her.


I saw her in the river as the sun headed down.

She had on a thin and white little nightie.

She was standing just a few feet inside the water

Maybe twenty feet, not really right by me.


From behind me she came, don’t know where the girl lived

But she was just suddenly there in the water.

And I was drawn to the way her gown hung from her nipples

Hard, perky, with pale skin that appeared softer.


I was softer when I saw her but hardened with arousal.

She was scooping water up with a basin.

And as she poured the clear liquid on top of her head

It ran down her blonde hair and face and…


I was pacing on the river bank, hand in my pocket.

And felt the urge for that hand to slide left.

I could feel the outline of my cock growing harder

Through the fabric as I gawked at her breasts.


It’s best to call them tits because this is a dirty story

Breasts make this sound all fairytale-ish.

But the things I wanted to do to this lady in the river

Are all fucking nasty as hell-ish.


I’ll tell your right now that I was jerking my dick,

Thrusting up and down through my pocket.

I’d started off slow but got anxious and desperate

When she took off her gown and dropped it.


I couldn’t stop it, my desire, I wanted to rush her,

Scoop her, and slam her on the mud.

I wanted to bury my face in her pussy,

Grab her tits, and play with their nubs.


And as I rubbed myself from the inside of my pants

She started walking my way.

The water rippled as she pushed it aside and

She smiled as her eyes met my gaze.


In some ways I’m glad that the airplane flew over

And the noise disturbed the scene.

Cause I wouldn’t have lasted long at all.

I was ‘bout to come and that wouldn’t please.


What a tease she was as she reached between her legs

And dipped a hand between her thighs.

As she licked her lips, she heard the drone of the plane,

Turned and was gone in the blink of an eye.


But I’m sly so tonight I’ve got plans for my beauty.

I’m headed back to fuck her till she screams.

I’m a hundred percent sure she wants me like I want her.

Hold on, I need to take another drink.


And I drink and I drink as I sit on this rock

And wait for her return to the water.

The moon has risen and my dick has risen

And this night couldn’t be any hotter.


Then I spot her, she’s there, but she’s different this time.

I think her hair may be jet black.

But her face is the same and I recognize the frame,

The way her tits rise when she arches her back.


Holy crap, she sees me and she’s coming my way

Yes, one more drink, fucking yes!

Her song is amusing and slightly bemusing

This confusing beauty, my quest.


If it’s a test, I fail, cause I’m rapidly on her.

I stop just a few feet from where she stands.

She tilts her head and the skin of her neck

Looks so lovely I wanna take her in my hands.


And the strands of her hair fall down over her tits

As she drops her dress to the floor.

She’s naked right there, her song in the air,

And I just can’t take it anymore.


To the core I’m burning, skin is ablaze,

Passion and burning desire.

I drop my pants to the ground and take my cock in my hand

Fist fucking to quench this fire.


The whole world can disappear, all that matters is here.

I just want to feel the warmth of her lips.

I want her to take that mouth that’s singing that song

And hum it while she’s sucking my dick.


With a flick of her wrist, I’m swept to her body

She has powers but I keep pumping my cock and…

If I were to come now I’d shoot all over her stomach

That’s how close I’ve gotten.


I’ve gotten so hard I could pull a muscle.

As I stare at her beautiful face.

And she kisses me deep then swats my hand away,

Grabs my dick, and picks up the pace.


Racing is my heart as I look to the sky

And soak up the pleasure she’s bringing.

Then she drops to her knees and opens up wide

And her warm mouth makes my head start ringing.


And she’s singing right there as she bobs back and forth

Totally eating my shaft.

“Oh fuck, that’s so good. Holy shit this is great!”

As her hand rolls my balls around I laugh.


And she lashes out and pushes me, my ass hits the rock

And she’s on me, holding my dick at the base.

She watches it in the moonlight, the wet tip shines

She turns her back to me and puts me in place.


Her pace is amazing as she sits on my cock

I can’t explain the way her pussy feels.

It’s like a hundred hands are inside her body

Massaging me, its un-fucking real.


But it’s real. She’s fucking me, singing her song

It’s strange and I guess slightly spooky.

But I reach around and grab her tits in both hands.

And drive up till my balls hit her booty.


She’s moody, I realize, as she growls and spits

And starts fucking me like she’s about to have a seizure.

Her ass starts to ripple as I’m squeezing her nipple

And her breathing, she’s a bit of wheezer.


I tease her with one hand rubbing gently on her clit

And I lean forward and kiss her on the shoulder.

She leans back so her cheek is just inches from my mouth

And I’m thinking she wants me to hold her.


Her pussy’s colder all the sudden, it’s not warm anymore.

It’s uncomfortable and smoke drifts out her nose.

I try to pull out but she shoves herself on me

And she howls as she steps on my toes.


“My toes!” I scream, she’s broken them all.

I feel the crunch and the agonizing pain.

Lightning flashes, thunder crashes, her scratch opens up gashes.

And her icy pussy keeps riding me as it rains.


It’s raining blood from my crotch as her pussy devours.

She’s thrashing on the tip of my dick.

And somehow I stay hard, I don’t know why.

Long claws scratch at my thighs and flesh rips.


And she twists herself around till she’s looking straight at me

She’s deranged as she rides me face to face.

But this woman has changed, and her tits, they hang

And her teeth, it’s clear she wants a taste.


“Wait!” I scream. “Please, let me go!

I just wanted to know what you’re about!”

And as her jaw opens wide with razor sharp teeth

That damn song is still flowing out.


It comes out, somehow I come. My cock explodes

And I shoot my load deep into this beast.

Then she rips into my neck, tearing my flesh.

As my upper torso becomes her feast.


She’s pleased as she rides me and snacks on my face

While I can only lie back and bleed.

The last thing I hear other than that damn siren’s song

Is her cackle and cry, “Thanks for your seed!”


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